Safe Capital for Law Firms

The safer way for you and your clients to make payments and share bank details securely

The Problem

Payment scams and mistakes can occur when bank details are shared by email or other means

Criminals are targeting firms like yours

Because of the large amounts of money and time pressures that are often commonplace in legal transactions, law firms make an attractive target to fraudsters.

Law Firms must take steps to protect client money

People trust solicitors to look after their money. Failing to keep their money safe has wider consequences for clients and for the reputation of the profession. It is the job of firms to take steps to protect themselves and their clients' money.

Communication intercepts are a key threat to client money

Email Modification Fraud is highlighted by the SRA as a key threat to client money. There have also been reports of criminals intercepting and falsifying physical mail between a firm and client to request funds, as well as phone calls from fraudsters pretending to be the clients solicitor.

Any legal transaction where large amounts of money are involved are a potential target

Although conveyancing remains a frequent target, due to the large funds involved, criminals are broadening their attacks to other fields as well.

Our Solution

Safe Capital provides a secure solution for transferring funds between parties and sharing verified bank account information

Swift Secure Client Payments

By using our SafePay service you no longer need to disclose confidential bank account information by email, phone or post. Clients pay you directly through Safe Capital without you disclosing your bank details externally.

Our solution provides peace of mind for you and your clients and mitigates the risk of client money being lost due to human error as well as email modification, payment diversion and malicious redirection fraud.

Safe Capital enables the transfer of client funds directly into your bank account, saving you credit/debit card fees and ensuring that funds arrive straight away - enabling you to confirm receipt of funds to your clients quickly.

  • Swift and secure client payments with one consistent payment workflow for your clients
  • Clients can pay by open banking, credit/debit card or manual bank transfer
  • Keep client account details away from money launderers and protect clients from payment fraud

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Verified Client Bank Details

Using our SafeAuth service you can securely obtain verified bank account details for your clients, giving you confidence that you have the correct details.

Should you need to transfer funds to back to your clients, Safe Capital helps you to mitigate the risk of payments going to the wrong account through either human error or fraud.

  • Obtain verified bank account details for each client at the outset of each matter
  • Reduce the risk of criminals pretending to be your client and supplying false details
  • Return client monies easily if a matter fails to complete or you have surplus funds at the end

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